Want to start from the beginning and dive into the world of cel animation?

Then join my course on Photoshop Animation!

The beauty of 2D animation (also called cel animationframe by frame animationhand-drawn animation) is that there are no limits. You aren’t restricted by physics, reality or fussy software. Your animations can be completely wild.

Photoshop is wonderful for animating because it is
painterly and creative in a way that other software can’t match - the hand-made process really comes through.

Master the basics...

...so you can break all the rules. Understand the foundations of animation so you can utilise the traditional principles, or bounce off them and develop your own techniques.

Photoshop Animation Course

Enhance your own style and discover the beauty of hand-crafted animation.

Create gorgeous, fluid pieces with a variety of techniques - from pencil to gouache, paper to acetate - mix and match materials as you please.

Hand-Painted Animation Mini-Course

Make your animations individual.

Colour your animations with the endless possibilities Photoshop has to offer. Create an inky, scribbled loop, a crayon explosion, a watercolour masterpiece - all in one piece of software.

Photoshop Animation Course

"Loved it. I really struggle with concentration but it was so easy to go back and pick apart what i was doing. This is absolutely super."
Dermot Flynn

"Really glad to be your student!!! You’re such a great teacher, and the whole course inspires me a lot!"
Jialing Leung

Want to elevate your animation with beautiful hand painted techniques?

Then join my course on Hand-Painted Animation!

There are few styles as mesmerising as hand-painted animation. The sky really is the limit - you can work with any medium and create all sorts of aesthetics. 

Already have some experience with animation? Then
get back to your creative roots, working with raw materials to develop your visiuals and create work that is unique and captivating.

Cat Finnie

Claire Next

John McKinney